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The Original DJIA Dozen

July 03, 1884, Dow Jones publishes its first average of U.S. stocks, 
consisting of three industrial companies and nine railroads,
in the Customer's Afternoon Letter, forerunner of The Wall Street Journal.

May 26, 1896  Dow Jones publishes its first "Industrial" average (DJIA) consisting of 12 stocks.

American Cotton Oil Company Distant ancestor of CPC International, Best Foods, now part of Unilever
American Sugar Evolved into Amstar Holdings
now Domino Foods, Inc.
American Tobacco Broken up in 1911 antitrust action
Chicago Gas Company Absorbed by Peoples Gas, 1897
now a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, Inc.
Distilling and Cattle Feeding Company Whiskey trust evolved into Quantum Chemical,
now Millennium Inorganic Chemicals
General Electric Company Going strong and still in the DJIA
Laclede Gas Light Company Active as The Laciede Group,
removed from DJIA in 1899
National Lead Company Today's NL Industries, removed from DJIA in 1916
Tennessee Coal & Iron Absorbed by U.S. Steel in 1907
North American Company Utility combine broken up in 1940's
U.S. Leather (preferred) Dissolved in 1952
U.S. Rubber Company Became Uniroyal in 1961,
now part of Michelin since 1990

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